Droppings are a health hazard and cause diseases. Bird fouling and nesting debris can seriously damage a buildings aesthetic appearance. Birds droppings make your surroundings dirty and unhygienic. Birds add to the noise pollution.

Droppings and nest material can cause structural damages, blocked gutters and sewage pipes.
Bird droppings are highly acidic thus cause permanent damage to all kind of surfaces.

  • Health Hazard
  • Insect & mite Infestation
  • Food Contamination
  • Increased Cleaning Cost
  • Property Damage
  • Fouling
  • Safety
  • Blockage Of Gutters
  • Bad Impression



Diseases caused by Common Urban Birds infestation such as pigeons, crows, sparrows etc: Urban pest birds pose a considerable threat to human health due to the number of diseases and bacteria that are present in their droppings and nests. The diseases relating to pest birds are:

Ornithosis : Ornithosis is a 'flu-like disease most commonly found in pigeon droppings.

Allergic Alveolitis : More commonly known as ?Pigeon Fanciers lung? is a serious allergic reaction which can cause permanent lung damage.

Histoplasmosis : The spore of this fungus thrives in bird droppings and can affect humans.

Salmonella : Salmonella is present in most pest birds, but features in a high percentage of feral Pigeons and also Starlings.

Another considerable health risk associated with urban pest birds are the blood feeding insects and parasites that live in their nests and droppings. These include biting bugs, mites, fleas, ticks and lice.


Bird infestation is a serious problem in storage areas / warehouses / aircraft hangers. Bird droppings being highly acidic because extensive damage to the expensive equipment / products stored in large warehouses, factories, aircrafts, open parts of the machinery leading to huge losses and nation. Besides dirty surroundings, high pitched sounds caused by the birds reduce worker efficiency, increase downtime and often cause hearing imparities.


Bird infestation can cause structural damage to your building in a number of ways. Bird droppings have an acidic content which is corrosive to paintwork and masonry Droppings and nest materials can also block gutters and drainage system which can damage the pipes themselves as well as causing water blockage.

Bird droppings near the water storage areas can cause the contamination of water leading to water borne diseases. Birds often make nests on top and around air conditioning units and drop their droppings on the ventilation slots of the unit leading to mechanical and electrical failures which can be costly to repair. In residential areas birds often enter houses and make the interior dirty with their droppings and feathers and become nuisance.

They often get killed by getting entangled in any moving equipment such as fans.


Bird fouling, nesting debris and their droppings can seriously damage a buildings aesthetic appearance. This can present a negative image of your business to your customers as droppings make the floor extremely dirty and contain bacteria and parasites as well as a very unpleasant smell. Presence of birds makes surroundings very noisy. This negative impact on your business is even greater if you are in the food, Pharmaceutical industry or retail outlet business.


High Pitch sounds made by birds especially in the evenings can be very irritating and harmful especially around hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings.