Mosquito Net

Screen systems are simply insect Screens or Mosquito nets,as we call it(made of polyster or Fiberglass) thet let the air in but don't allow insects,lizards get inside the house. This is new technology that allows you to install a screen on existing windows and doors without any kind of civil work.

Common Insects Screen System are design like windows. therefore they block the outside view even they are not in use. Our product on the otherhand get completely folded such that it occupies very little space when not in use.

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  • Retractability:- Unlike common windows/door screns our products are designed such that they are barely visible when completely retracted.this helps to avoid blocking unecessary spaces and movements
  • European Quality:- our plated mesh is European make and is 100% polyster. Our mesh is tested thoroughly for UV, salt water and wind resistance.
  • Smooth Movements:- Our special guide that are part of the Screen door ensure that opening and closing door is effortless and smooth.
  • Sleek Design:- Our unit takes only 20 min of your wall space.It is thick enough to keep the system sturdy yet thin to make the product sleek in look
  • Magnetic locking:- our permanent rubber magnet technology helps in locking the screen with ease and can be opened with equal ease.
  • Color to match the decore of house:- One of unique quality of our product is the fact that we can match any window color and we also have over 30wooden finishes for our product. so our system will infact compliment your windows / doors.
  • Safe for children:- As our products made from polyster and not metal the chances of children cutting themseleves by a damaged metal mesh or even worse a rusted metal mesh is totally avoided.
  • Warranty:- We offer a 3 years warranty with our product.
  • Durability:- Unlike common screen system our product will function just as new even if it's not been used for a long time.
  • Protects:- window Mosquito net protects your indoors from all kinds of tiny pests.
  • Anti Rust:- Rust is avoided as the nets are Ployster & fiber glass.
  • Elegant:- The Mosquito net for windows make your house look elegant and tidy.