Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes are maintenance free, easy to install and a very simple and effective concept but intricately designed to deter all birds. Thereby preventing roosting, nests, landing and all bird related menace. It is a long-term solution to bird problems with zero maintenance. It is moulded polycarbonate base with Ultraviolet Filters. There are spike projections made of the same material and AISI 316 Stainless Steel Wire.

This grade of stainless steel is a very superior grade used in surgery as medical implants in the human body. Thus it is best suited against rusting in Indian weather conditions.

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  • Base Made From Polycarbonate
  • Base UV Protected
  • Spikes Made from stainless steel Wire Equivalent to AISI Grade 316
  • Wide Bases (35mm), Coverage area (125mm), Length (1fit)


  • Strong flexible, lightweight and clear
  • Good Stability for medium to Heavy Pressure
  • Longer Life, Less Likely to go brittle when exposed to sunshine
  • Provides Optimum Corrosion resistance/tensile/cost effectiveness

Successfully Protected Sites include:

  • Airports Electrical Lines / AC Compressor
  • Factories Heritage Buildings
  • Hospitals Hotels
  • Schools Private Offices
  • Recreation Facilities Residential Buildings
  • Shopping Malls Temples