Pest Control Service

We are committed to deliver of all types Pest solution with finest quality at economical and competitive price without compromising quality.

We have one of the best organized team of technocrats having an overall experience of 15 years.

Our team of a technically skilled elite take care of all safety precaution at the time of work in your location. Overall we are committed to provide our all best service for healthy environment.

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We offer the most advanced get treatment for cockroaches and ants. This treatment is safe, quick, effective and stress free. You don't need to empty the cabinets and drawers and you don't even need to leave the house after the treatment.


Water based Drill Fill Seal (DFS) Technique has been created after years of research, giving the termite control a very safe approach as it is totally harmless to humans. 45 degree holes are drilled at exact 1 foot gap across all edges touching the floor and are filled with adorless & sealed with chalk & white cement.


Our skilled professionals are experts locating the hidden bed bug killer chemicals. A second round of bed bug treatment is done after 15 days to kill newly hatched bed bugs as their eggs cannot be destroyed. The 45 days contract covers 2 services with a gap of 15 days.


At OMKAR, we utilize the principles of integrated Pest Management to control rats. We carry out a systematic study of rats to ensure effective rodent control. Also, our Pest Control personnel are trained through audio- visual medium, formal classroom sessions and practical on-site training. Furthermore, we ensure the latest and the most effective technology is used for rodent control.

Mosquito Control

OMKAR employs a scientific and integrated approach to ridding the premises of mosquitoes. Our eperts carry out a thorough inspection of the site and its surroundings to determine the affected areas. A plan of action is then drawn up and executed using chemical, non-chemical and biological control methods.