Bird Net for Residential & Commercial areas

There is major problem of pigeons in many areas now a days. They get easy access from open window balcony, plumbing ducts & find good nesting area on the pipes & parapets inside the duct.

They make nests & lay eggs there. There is a big problem of bird droppings inside the ducts which can not be easily cleaned & emits a very foul smell. Many pigeons die in the ducts causing large presence of maggots & other insects in the duct area. Pigeons nest on top of ACs & release a type of fungus that can cause LUNG DISEASES.

We have developed a special net to get rid of this menace caused by pigeons without hurting or killing them.


Suitable for all levels of "Birds Pressure"


Bird net does not harm the birds in any way.


This nets is virtually invisible when installed.

The net is made of HDP Polyethylene, which is durable, strong and weather, resistant. This net is resistant to attack by insects, bacteria and fungi.

The net is UV light stabilized (500 Kly) for better durability. Also it is heat treated to prevent knot slippage

  • Softening Point of the net = 120° C
  • Melting Point = 130° C
  • Size : 19 mm x 19 mm | Color : BLACK, WHITE, CREAM
  • Size : 25 MM X 25 MM | Color : BLACK, WHITE, CREAM
  • Size : 50 MM X 50 MM | Color : BLACK, WHITE, CREAM
  • Chemically inert.
  • Highly resistant to wide range of chemicals at normal temperature.
  • High resistant to Acids & Alkalis.
  • Does not absorb water.
  • A special heat-treating process under tension prevents knot slippage.
  • Insoluble in common organic solvents in room temperature
  • Electrical insulator. Does not block air or light
  • Easy to install and maintain as it is fixed with the help of stainless steel
  • wire frame work
  • Economical as compared to steel and aluminum nets
  • Customized as per the client's requirement