Water Tank Cleaning

Omkar's water tank cleaning sevices is a destination to a safe and clean drinking water. Having cleaned numerous water tanks over the years, we are cleaning specialists of all types of water storage tanks.

Getting your tank regularly cleaned helps keeping harmful organisms out of your drinking water. Did you know your water tank contain everything from dirt, leaves, worms, snails, algae, animal droppings to nitrates? Thinking what all you can do ensure a cleaned and disinfected tank? It's time to put all your worries to an end. Tanks should be drained, cleaned and disinfected on an annual basis.

Here at Water Tank Cleaning Services, trained specialists efficiently remove sludge from your tank, while ensuring purity of your drinking water. Our system eliminate harmful organisms living in the sediment at the bottom of the tanks without emptying water tank. Highly trained and dedicated professionals focused on cleaning and waste minimization while ensuring quality water in tank.

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  • Schools, Colleges
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All the work is completed with health and safety as the highest priority ensuring cleaned and disinfected water. Whatever the shape, size of your industrial, commercial or domestic tank, we have the experience and expertise to deal with internal and external cleaning no matter how complex.

Having over the years seen the terrible condition that most water tanks are in, our system is meant to improve poor water quality and guarantee to remove buildup of sediment formed in floor of your water tank when its full.